lunedì 28 marzo 2016

How to dress for this spring - 5 must have pieces

how to dress for this spring 5 must have pieces, silk voile, leather jacket, lace up sandals

How to dress for this spring - 5 must have pieces

It's finally spring and it's also time to put the warm and cozy winter pieces in a corner of our closet. So what should we buy for this spring? I really can't wait to wear my leather jackets and all the other spring vests! Here the must have pieces for this season!


mercoledì 23 marzo 2016

Milano Skyline // La vista dal Palazzo della Regione

Milano Skyline // La vista dal Palazzo della Regione, palazzo della regione belvedere milano, fashion need valentina rago, vista su milano, milano grattacieli, milano panorama

Milano vista dal 39esimo piano del Palazzo della Regione

Dal novembre scorso è possibile accedere al 39 piano del Palazzo della Regione per guardare Milano da un altro punto di vista :)
Ogni domenica dalle 10 alle 18 si può salire al piano Belvedere senza prenotare e con ingresso gratuito. Era da qualche mese ormai che volevo andarci... Ma sapete quando non si trova mai il momento giusto per fare una determinata cosa? Quindi continuavo a posticipare e posticipare...

sabato 19 marzo 2016

10 things to do in Vienna // the Vienna Travel Guide

vienna travel guide fashion need things to do in vienna

The Vienna Travel Guide

I came back from this beautiful Austrian city yesterday night! Vienna has amazing palaces and so much to offer. If you're planning a week end somewhere, you should definitely visit this place and here a list of the 10 things you can't miss in Vienna!! Enjoy.

1. Naschmarkt

If you're hungry or you just want to grab a coffe sitting in bars and enjoying the beautiful sunny days in Vienna, you shouldn't miss the Naschmarkt. That's where you can have a chat with friends, eat every kind of food (from oriental food to hamburgers... in this market you can find everything!!), drink something or buy spices and food.


martedì 8 marzo 2016

Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty

rachel hunter's tour of beauty, sky italia, rachel hunter, fashion need, valentina rago, rachel hunter beauty super model, new zealand

Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty

A couple of weeks ago I started watching "Rachel Hunter's tour of beauty", which is now airing on SKY Italia. I basically fell in love with this programme . For those who never watched it, Rachel Hunter is an amazing supermodel from New Zealand. She's now traveling across the world to discover the beauty secrets of the countries she visits. From India to Japan, from Australia to China and the Fiji's, Rachel describes the inner and outer beauty secrets and routines of local people.

domenica 6 marzo 2016

Una giacca elegante @ Fondazione Prada

una giacca elegante alla fondazione prada, fondazione prada, giacca elegante occasione, valentina rago, fashion need, alecio photographer, giacche eleganti occasioni,

Settimana scorsa sono stata alla Fondazione Prada a scattare qualche foto col bravissimo Alecio Photographer
Riguardando queste foto mi è venuta in mente la prima volta che ho indossato questa giacca: la mia prima volta al Teatro alla Scala ad ammirare il fantastico Roberto Bolle.
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