lunedì 28 marzo 2016

How to dress for this spring - 5 must have pieces

how to dress for this spring 5 must have pieces, silk voile, leather jacket, lace up sandals

How to dress for this spring - 5 must have pieces

It's finally spring and it's also time to put the warm and cozy winter pieces in a corner of our closet. So what should we buy for this spring? I really can't wait to wear my leather jackets and all the other spring vests! Here the must have pieces for this season!

1. Laced up sandals

I still don't have a pair but it's definitely something I need to buy! They're perfect paired with boyfriend jeans or with a dress.

2. Leather jackets

As some of you may have read on my interview for Stylecross, my adored leather jacket saves me in every situation: whenever I have no clue what to wear, my leather jacket is the answer! It's perfect with a dress, or with jeans, for a night out, for university or a chilled afternoon...

3. Bright colors

Fashion week teaches us: as the designers demonstrated during September's fashion shows, bright colors will be defining next spring's trends! So, get that pink/orange/bright blue coat/dress out of your closet and wear it, girl!

4. Off shoulder

It's been a while that I've been looking for the right off shoulder top! I finally found it in Vienna (Topshop) and I really can't wait to wear it and to show it to you guys! I really the white ones paired with high waisted shorts or skirt! But during spring and summer you can pair it easily with almost everything! Furthermore it's the perfect solution for an easy night out or for a chilled afternoon at the park or at the beach!

5. Lace, silk voile pieces...

Super light pieces flattering in the air will be totally perfect for this spring! Roches are also good on dresses.

Have an amazing Monday,
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