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Why We Love Southern Weddings (And Why You Should Too…)


Why We Love Southern Weddings (And Why You Should Too…)

Well we do declare! The allure of southern weddings has grown wildly in recent years and even 
couples nowhere near the Mason-Dixon line are eager to incorporate some of the colorful and tasty
traditions of the South into their own celebrations. It’s certainly no wonder that the region that 
brought us groom’s cakes and seersucker suits over formal tuxedos, along with grand white ball 
gowns and gigantic bridal parties in stunning peach or turquoise bridesmaid dresses, is increasingly recognized as hosting some of the most beautiful affairs anywhere. Try just a few of the southern style wedding highlights below and we dare you not to fall in love with southern style weddings!

Beginning with the Basics

Thanks to reasonably temperate weather most of the year, southern weddings are held year-round. In the mild falls and springs, couples take to the outdoors for both ceremonies and receptions. Open fields, rustic barns and family backyards all serve as exquisite venues. Historical sites abound as well. Grand plantation weddings and both Colonial and Revolutionary homes, now impeccably preserved, are perfect backdrops for “I Dos”. There is no lack of water in the South either. Lakeside, riverfront and beach weddings are all prime sites.
Summers can be warm, so those couples not turning to shady trees, tents by the water and stations stocked with abundant sweet tea and paper fans have their choice of indoor venues as well. Come winter, you can be sure there is a grand fireplace and a dramatic staircase waiting for a beaming bride to descend.

Burlap and Lace

Southern weddings were made for Rustic Chic. Venues are naturally charming and require little embellishment and southern brides and grooms celebrate their intrinsic beauty. Hay bales are as likely to stand in for pews as mason jars are for fancy vases or containers. Magnolia and gardenia are native to the area and look amazing next to long lines of girls in turquoise bridesmaid dresses or floating in clear glass vases on top of real wine barrels. Hydrangea and peonies are crowd favorites as well, and are “pretty as a peach” when carried in baskets by adorable flower girls in pale shades of lavender, yellow and pink.
Glamour is no stranger to the South. The same folks who love natural beauty are known for hosting elaborate parties with all of the most contemporary décor and entertainment. Serious partying may be one reason why wedding weekends have long been popular in the area, and why wedding parties often take over inns and bed-and-breakfast sites for three to four days at a time.


The range of southern music is as diverse as the locals. Blue grass bands keep dance floors twirling with traditional reels – the same dance floors that are as likely to hold popular beach bands and even contemporary cover artists. The history of the area allows access to unique musicians such as fife and drum corps old time fiddlers. Music at southern weddings is most certainly never boring.

Delicacies of the South

No article about southern weddings would be complete without at least scratching the surface of the local cuisine. What can we say in such limited space? Southern fare is hot and plentiful – depending on the region, you may enjoy pulled pork, collared greens, fresh seafood, hush puppies…and so much more. The South is the home of the biscuit bar, banana pudding, pie bars, and don’t forget the sweet tea, lemonade and mint juleps.
Hungry yet? It's definitely time to think about incorporating some of these southern style wedding traditions into your upcoming I Dos!




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